Latest Chipsets

We always look for the latest but stable chipset to apply on our products to ensure better peformance

Quality Assurance

Quality is not only a basic requirement for our products but also relates to the after sales service we provide

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We always try to simplify the packaging to achieve waste reduction


Audio Video Converters
Your VCR may be just as great as the day you bought it, but you can’t fit a HDMI connecter into a round hole. We have the audio video converters to solve your problems.

HDMI Extenders

Length may be the worst enemy for HDMI cables, you may hardly find a HDMI cable longer than 10m, but with out HDMI extenders you can extend your HDMI signal at 1080p for up to 120m.

AV Cables and Adapters
You won't want to buy a new display in order to connect with you macbook, instead you can use a MiniDP to VGA/ DVI / HDMI cable to do it, our products provides such kind of convenient usage.

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