HDMI Repeater Extender Up to 130ft / 40m


With the latest solution method, this HDMI repeater transmits HDMI signal to uo 40 meters, specifically 20m from source to repeater and 20m from repeater to display.
Secure with protection for ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and high surge coverage +_17KV ESD, 40A and follows IEC 61000-4-2 standard, protecting damage to your products.
Offers stable and high quality signals from HDMI device to display due to poor signal transmission.

Specification :
– Product size : 80*46*18mm
– Power Supply : No need when used as protector and repeater. When used as an extra power provider to HDMI source device, power supply is needed. Power supply specification is up to 5V/3A.
– Input resolution : Up to 1080p with 3D
– Output resolution : Up to 1080p with 3D
– Input port : HDMI x 1, MHL x 1
– Output port : HDMI x 1
– Cable distance support: : up to 40m
– Transmit resolution: 4K x 2K / 1080P (Up to 10m HDMI Cables), 720p (Up to 20m HDMI Cables)

Package included :
1 x HDMI Repeater 1 x User Manual

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Plug and play, easy to install and operate. Extending HDMI cables to 40m (20m from source to HDMI repeater and 20m from HDMI repeater to display)
Ultra HD tranmission supports up to 4Kx2K simultaneous transmission getting more vivid image. Resolution : 4Kx2K / 1080p / 720p.
No power supply needed / Optional external power, supports up to 5V / 3A
Extra protector for ESD and power surge, RoHS compliant, FCC and CE certified
HDMI booster to guarantee stable and secure signal!